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Editor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.13..Issue.40........07  / 10 / 2017

“There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It supercedes all other courts. ”
- Mahatma Gandhi
Editorial : DupingSCIJudge’sCollegium
RecentdecisionofSCIcollegium’smoveto make publicthereasons behindelevation , non elevation or transfer of judges is a welcome move. But it gives out onlyhalf truth.SCIwebsitegives out observations ofpeerjudges, observations of Intelligence Bureau.It doesn’t spell outon the basis of which facts , which casesIBorPeer Judgesgave their observations.Those actual facts must be made public andthe persons effected bywrong judgementofjudges in questionmust begiven justice firstby correcting it. Second the saidjudge is not only unfit for elevation , he iseven unfit to continue in the present post as he will mete out more injustices to public. Third the said judge must be removed from serv…