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Indian’s  Diary–  e  News  Weekly Spreading the lightof humanity freedom Editor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.13..Issue.50........16  / 12 / 2017
Editorial :  HUMAN  RIGHTS  , Independence to Dalits , commoners  ?
   Even after  70 years of independence , dalits  are not treated as human beings. They have not got the INDEPENDENCE , FREEDOM  envisioned  by our freedom fighters , martyrs. Least of all their HUMAN RIGHTS are  not respected , as  first of all DALITs are not treated as human beings.  Indian  APARTHEID.     Criminalization of police , judiciary ,  public service has taken place. The corrupt persons within the police , judiciary are meting out injustices to commoners. Constitutional rights, human rights of commoners are not respected and  commoners are not allowed to do their  fundamental constitutional duties.     Read the following articles. Chief Justice of India , Public servants , Various state Director Generals of Police & Home Secretaries are not answering our RTI queries s…