Dipak Mishra UNFIT Judge

Indian’s  Diary–  e  News  Weekly Spreading the lightof humanity freedom Editor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.13..Issue.33........19  / 08 / 2017

Editorial :  Dipak  Mishra  Unfit  Judge?  Don't elevate him as CJI -          An Appeal to H.E.Honourable President of India  Justice  Dipak  Mishra  has a criminal past of fraud , cheating the authorities   to get land allotment. He is unfit even to be a munsiff judge let alone CJI. He has managed the crime cover up well.  He and present CJI Khehar have helped the union government   in their  unjust  illegal  actions like  unjust  imposition of president  rule and change of chief miniser   in few states,  cover up of Corporate scams like  Birla - Sahara ,  lake , forest , revenue land encroachments by  powerful ,  etc. In turn  as a payout  Union government has made them Chief Justice of India and  helped  the judges in cover up of their own crimes. Quid Pro Quo.   CJI Khehar & Dipak Mishra have  effectively stalled proper investigations  in…