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Judges Connive with VIP Prisoners

Indian’s  Diary–  e  News  Weekly Spreading the lightof humanity freedom Editor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.13..Issue.31........05  / 08 / 2017
Editorial : Judges Police Connive with  VIP  Prisoners
   It is the basic , fundamental  duty of a judge to monitor , ensure that his judicial orders / judgements  are complied with. If not  to  ensure it’s compliance and to legally prosecute those who failed to comply with judicial orders.     If Rich Influential prisoners are getting illegal facilities in jails , it is only due to connivance of jail officials , police & judges.   Why NOT start  by sending errant judges to jails ?

At Bengaluru's Parapanna Agrahara Jail, high-profile convicts are treated like VIPs
Jail rules continue to be flouted at Parapanna Agrahara Central Prison in Bengaluru with high-profile convicts being treated like VIPs and common prisoners being deprived of even basic amenities. The Parapanna Agrahara Central Jail located in Bengaluru has witnessed several instances …